Mrs. Ramirez's Class Newsletter

November 2014

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What's Happening in First Grade?

November is here...and I can almost smell that turkey! Yum!

In writing we will be be writing Opinion pieces. We will be working to write with a strong introduction, a statement of opinion, backing our opinions up with reasons, and writing a logical closing. A good way to get a discussion about Opinion Writing going at home is to play "Would You Rather...?" As your child, "would you rather have a longer recess or no homework for a whole week?" Have them state their opinion and back it up with reasons why!

In Social Studies, we will be discussing where we live...our town, state, country and planet! We build this base knowledge so that we can begin to discover other countries, like Canada and then Germany.

In Math, we will be continuing to learning about adding and beginning to learn about subtraction! Make up your own subtraction problems at home ("If Fiona had 5 carrots on her plate and she ate 3, how many carrots would she have left?"). We will also be continuing our study of place value, focusing on how many tens and ones are in a number.

In Reading, we will be talking about the comprehension strategy of Visualizing. Visualizing is when students make pictures in their mind of what is happening in a story to make reading three-dimensional. Visualization helps readers engage in text in ways that make it personal and memorable. We will be working to hone our visualization skills and to adapt the images we create as we continue to read a text.

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Video of the Month

When You Add with a Pirate (addition song for kids)