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le 18 août - Fall 2014

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Don't forget about grade improvement opportunities!

Don't forget that there are grade improvement opportunities for each chapter exam. Click here for a video showing you how to locate the grade improvement opportunities.

Grade improvement opportunities will NOT be accepted outside the time window given in the grade improvement instructions.
This Newsletter's Cultural Insight

Are the French rude? What about Parisians? Questions worth considering. Read this person's take on those questions.

My Weekly Office Hour!

Wednesday, Aug. 20th, 4pm

This is an online event.

Don't forget that I hold a weekly office hour for you to ask me questions and to discuss about your French course whatever your heart may desire. It's an opportunity for us to connect. The help session is drive by your questions. Attendance is not mandatory. It would be great if you would attend the session. Be sure to have headphones and a microphone. See you there!

Click here for the AdobeConnect link to my virtual office.

Sign in as a guest. Please provide your full name.

Remember that I hold this office hour every week at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

If you cannot attend the weekly office hour, you can always e-mail questions.

This Newsletter's French Song - Je t'attends!

Axelle Red is a Belgian singer. This song, Je t'attends, was quite popular some time back. I am not quite sure what the angel wings have to do with the song :-), but it is a pretty song that is worthy of a listen.

Copy the URL below to access the lyrics (paroles) for this song.
Axelle Red - Je t'attends (

Food in the French-speaking World!

How do you start a conversation about French food without talking about "la baguette," a staple of French cuisine.

This Newsletter's Video Clip

Accent Tag ! (French VS American)