Josh Pauls

By: Tina Huynh

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Josh Pauls is a gold medalist in sled hockey in the paralympics. He was 10 months old when his legs was amputated. He is attending Lindenwood University, studying sport.

Little Facts about Josh Pauls

  • Loves to cook
  • Always root for the Cowboys
  • Fifth season with Team USA
  • Amputee almost my entire life
  • Won four international gold medals, one silver, and one bronze

Advice from Josh Pauls for aspiring hockey players

"Watch a TON of hockey, especially the NHL. You pick up so many little things if you watch closely. Follow the position you play instead of the puck. Also, always give 150% in everything you do and NEVER give up. That attitude and work ethic will get you far in sled hockey, but is great for all aspects of life too."

Questions to answer

  1. When did he start to play?
  2. Who inspired him to do sled hockey?
  3. Did he ever get bullied? If yes then why?
  4. How does he feel to be an Paralympic gold medalist?


  1. He was 10 years old when he was introduced to sled hockey.
  2. His inspiration came from his mother Deborah Pauls.
  3. Yes because of him having no legs, but he jokes around most of the time.
  4. He says “Its a feeling like no other. To represent my country on the biggest stage of the sport gives me such a feeling of pride and to bring home the gold especially at 17 was just awesome!”