The Green Revolution and GMO's

By: Stephanie Dunford

Causes and Results of the Bengal Famine

About 3 million people died because of the famine. Main cause of death was starvation and malnutrition. It was thought that there was some type of decrease in the production of food, causing starvation.

Green Revolution in India

  • High yielding varieties(HYV)
  • Double cropping
  • Seeds have improved genetics

Positive Results of the Green Revolution

Positive Economic, Sociological, and Political results...

India was once a starving nation but it is now a food export. The use of pesticides and fertilizers have increased pollution as well as erosion. The Green Revolution has increased the jobs that are available to farmers and industrial workers.

Limitations of the Green Revolution

India has not expanded the concept of HYV to other grains, so it is confined to food grains only. Not necessarily to all types of agricultural produce. India has been through drought and the Green Revolution hasn't made India self sufficient in food.

The Green Revolution- Above All Odds

Winner National History Day 2012 - The Green Revolution: Against All Odds

Positive and Negatives for GMO's

Positives: plants can be modified to become resistant to weeds, and foods have a longer "shelf life" making it easier for shipping to occur.

Negatives: food allergies, increased toxicity, decreased nutritional value, and antibiotic resistance.