Tertiary Era

By Melissa Alexander


When it did it happen?

66-1.8 million years ago.

Major Events?

The Himalayas and The Rocky mountains formed, continental glacier covers Antarctica, and continents continue to move into today’s positions.


The climate was mostly tropical throughout the period, but near the end of the era an ice age begun.

Organisms during this time?

Mammals and plants such as grass and palm trees thrived during the middle of the era.


There were many plants similar to today's era, and grass had started to grow.

What to see?

The original mammals and our human ancestors

What to bring?

If you visit the first part of the era, summer clothes, good running shoes, water bottles, maybe a weapon of sorts if you encounter a dangerous animal, bug spay, sunscreen, and anything else you want. If you visit the end of this era, mostly the same things, but heavy winter clothes.


Some of the animals and ancestor humans might try to attack them, but they should be fine if they’re careful.