Financial Advising

By: Kelsie Gubbels

What Makes Savings and Investing Important

Savings and investing are two important things that you'll need to make it in the "real world". The easiest ways to make sure you do so is make a plan and follow through with it. Having a savings account can help you start to plan for your future.Money that goes into a savings account is used to help give out loans.The money that is being borrowed causes you to have to pay interest for borrowing money is when the bank pays you interest as well.Investing comes after you start your plan for savings its almost like one step after you've figured out your savings account. Investing is important because it gives you the opportunity to invest in Bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.It also can help business grow because once you invest in one of there products it gives them the opportunity to bigger and better products.


Tips on Savings:

-Each pay check set a certain amount aside to put into your savings account

-Keep loose change in a container then cash it out later

-Limit the amount of money taken out of your savings account

Savings Options:

Bond;is something you buy from the government that gives you interest

CD; something you buy from the government then wait for a certain amount of time period until you can cash it in you also gain interest

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Tips on Investing:

-Invest at a young age

-Don't buy everything at once

-Pay off all debts

Investing Options:

-Investing in stocks and bonds through a mutual fund

-Money Market Funds

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