Computer Maintenance Tips

Easy solutions for keeping your machine up-to-speed!

Defragment That Hard Drive!

For many people, the defragmentation of a hard drive can often be the starting place for improving slow machines. Doing this will group all of the data on a hard-drive platter into blocks that are relatively close together instead of spread out. This reduces the amount of time it takes for the hard drive to access any one file and can also decrease the load times of most applications or games.

As a side note; you SHOULD NOT try to defragment a computer with a solid-state drive. Doing so will only wear down the drive and reduce it's life expectancy. Most machines today still use the old rotary drives, so for most people; this shouldn't be an issue.

The applications I recommend using?

  1. AusLogics Disk Defrag - Free & quick. Just make sure you don't add anything else when it installs. The installer tries to add additional stuff, but you don't need it!
  2. Defraggler - Free.
  3. Disk Keeper 12 - $29.99 however is widely considered the best in the market.
  4. PerfectDisk 12 - $29.99 also considered comparable to Disk Keeper 12.

For each application, there is usually a way to schedule automated & recurring disk defrags. These are nice because they're typically 'set & forget' and you're computer will always be running at its best. If help is needed in setting those up, I'd recommend browsing through the app settings, checking the company website, or simply google-ing it. There are plenty of guides out there for just about every version of defragmentation software.

Summary of Computer Benefits

  • Reduced boot times
  • Reduced backup times
  • Reduced application load times
  • Reduced game load times
  • Increased hard-drive life expectancy
  • Overall increase in system performance