Being A Force For Good

How to share your tender heart ♥

♥Share Your Force for Good!♥

Everyday we do things that help other people. Origami Owl allows us to Be A Force for Good in a different way...Giving back ♥ How lucky are we to have a wonderful tool to use when we give back the love to our own communities!

Last week, my daughter Taylor and I were featured in the Origami Owl newsletter for being a Force for Good, how surprised and blessed we were to be asked to share our story with everyone...why? Because by sharing, we are inspiring others to do the same!

Read the newsletter here:,bv8ttq5c

Share & Inspire Others Around You! ♥

My Origami Owl Mentor, Tiffany Golden, my Director of Origami Owl, was and is a philanthropist in her own community. She shared with me all the wonderful things she was doing with organizations that were close to her own heart. She used Origami Owl to be the vehicle for her in giving back as well. It was then, that I realized I had a great mentor sharing with me the tools I could use to help my daughter in learning what it meant to give back.

It doesn't matter what you choose to support and who you choose to give back to, the important thing is to share your good deeds with others so they will be inspired, as I was, to continue the cycle of love and giving.

Band Together to be a BIGGER Force for Good!

Lesa & Taylor Miller (the unofficial Mother/Daughter team♥)

Please contact me if you'd like more information on community project and awareness. Find what you're passionate about and give what you can to Be Your Force for Good ♥