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Starting new shop in India

Hinduism is the main religion in India.

Hindu Dress

Women- Wear a Sari the color to the Sari is very bright, it goes up to the shoulder and down past the legs. They were an underskirt that goes a little past the knees. On top of the Sari the wear a short blouse over top of the Sari.

Men- Wear any pair of trousers, they are generally baggy. They also wear a long shirt, and over top they wear a Tunic which is a jacket with buttons on the front.

Basic Beliefs

Hindus believe the Vedas is there holy text. They believe in dharma which is the path they follow to get to moksha. Moksha is where they go after going all the way up the caste system, it's like (heaven) to Christians. The caste system is a class structure determined by birth. They are polytheistic and monotheistic because they worship many gods but focus on one main God. Their three main gods are Shiva the God of destroying. The outer god Is Vishnu he is the preserver. The last main God is Brahma he is the God of creation. The Hindus worship cows, and do not eat pork or meat. Karma is the cycle good for good and bad for bad. The last main thing you need to know is Samsara is the rebirth cycle for the Hindus.

Foods they can and can't eat.

They can't eats some foods due to their religion here are the foods they can't have. Meat, pork, beef, fish, eggs, garlic, onions, mushrooms, they can't have alcohol, or tea or coffee with caffeine in it. They can have milk, and earth herbs, they can have cheese but not on any animal.

Religious holidays

Their main religious holiday is Di wali it is known as the day of light. It is a five day period, and it signifies good over evil. The Hindu people clean and decorate their house to prepare for this holiday. The five days stand for five different things. You will need to search the date each year due to the date changing every year.
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