Save A Life

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Why Should You Adopt

It said animal cruelty happens every 60 sec On the website it explained that if we don't adopt a dog we will sacrifice that dogs life. Which means if you adopt a pet you are saving their life. On the website it explained, When you adopt from a shelter you will get a healthy pet and you will save a life rather than breeders who just want them for money. Also Adopting a pet from a shelter will make you feel better and put a smile on your face to know you saved a life. It will improve your mood and health. Pets like any human friend can understand a lot of human language and can tell what mood your in. Heart attack patients can survive longer if they have a dog. You can always go to the events that they have at pet-co and other places. And of course you can always adopt one. If you don't help you could cost the life of a innocent dog who has been through a lot. If u don’t help you could cost the life of a innocent dog who has been through a lot.

Plan For Action

Positive Reinforcement

You will get a healthy pet, You will get a pet that will make you happy and not angry, you will save lives,Pets will help you live longer,You can always go to fundraisers and buy one.

Negative Reinforcement

If you don’t adopt you will put a pet’s life in danger, You would not be happy or healthy. No one would want to be around you because you will be cranky. You would be selfish because you only care about yourself.