7th and 8th Grade News

Week of March 21st

Hawk Happenings

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Spring Break is right around the corner! This is our last week! It's going to be a busy one for us, as we are finalizing our rehearsals for our big Stations of the Cross production. Please see the information below.

Tutoring this Week and Homework

Once again, tutoring this week will be cancelled. This is due to the fact that I want the main focus for the students this week to be their parts for the Stations of the Cross production. Because of this, I will also be giving very light homework, if any at all. But that means their only homework should be MEMORIZING AND PRACTICING THEIR LINES AT HOME

Stations of the Cross PRACTICE AT HOME

Please be sure that your student is practicing their Stations of the Cross part. SIXTEEN STUDENTS HAVE SPEAKING PARTS AND FOURTEEN STUDENTS HAVE TO HAVE MEMORIZED SPEAKING PARTS. The production counts in both their Religion and English grade based on their preparedness for the play.

Stations of the Cross PRESENTATION FRIDAY MARCH 25TH AT 10:30AM

The whole school will be present to watch our production of the Stations of the Cross and you are formally invited as well. Any family members that wish to attend to watch the presentation are encouraged to come.


If your student is in 8th Grade, please be sure that THIS WEDNESDAY they come to school wearing FORMAL OUTFITS. We expect the boys to be dressed in shirt and tie and slacks, and for the girls to be dressed formally as well. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE BE SURE YOUR 8TH GRADE STUDENT IS PREPARED.

Half Day This Friday

Celebration of the Passion of the Lord @ Holy Rosary Church Friday at 7pm


Please email me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Have a great week and enjoy your Spring Break!!!!!!