The life in Colonial America

Christina Valentino

New England colonies

New England colonies are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island. They have small farming, fishing, and home manufactures also they sea trade and shipbuilding. The region was expanding when immigrants came and the families grew larger. The New Englanders life was very stable. they often lived 15-25 years longer than their British counterparts or colonists in other regions because they have a better diet. They began the Mayflower compact and then continued with the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter. New England colonies established a tradition of self government. In 1655 four Royal commissioners inspected Massachusetts and they were rudely treated and told King Charles II to revoke the colony's charter.

The Middle Colonies

Middle Colonies are New York and New jersey then they later added Pennsylvania. England took over the two middle colonies. New York was made a Royal Province in 1655, then New Jersey in 1702. In 1681 Charles II granted the last unclaimed land to William Penn. The capital of Pennsylvania had become the largest city of the colonies with 20,000 as the population.

The Southern Colonies

Virginia is centered in Jamestown and dominated the Southern colonies. The Southern Colonies were more religiously and ethnically diverse than the other colonies. The South was smaller than the other colonies because there wasn't many men the men were meant to work. South had the plantations which produced tobacco, rice and indigo. The plantations drew immigrants to the Chesapeake region during the seventeenth century. Nathaniel Bacon accused the Royal governor of Virginia for failing to protect the less wealthy farmers. The tobacco plantation grew so they demanded workers so they chose slavery for the labor. Apparently it proved economically profitable and eased class struggles. Slavery was a official law in 1660.

Similiarities and Differences

They are different because New England colonies have small farming, fishing and home manufactures. Also they revoked the Massachusetts Bay charter. Then the middle colonies had the Mennonites, Amish, Moravians, Baptists and other went to the new colony. Then you have the Southern colonies that have all the immigrants all over Europe which are Roman Catholic and then large number of African slaves. Both the middle colonies and New England colonies are both governed by royal governors.