Macarons At Midnight

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The setting of this book takes place in Whitman, New England. The main setting of this book is at the school, but there were two very important settings in the book, and those are "Swoonful of sugar" which is a bakery and the other one is a historic park that they visit for a field trip.
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Main characters

Lise- Lise is probably the most important character in the story. She's the one who's trying to find her "Romeo" from Swoonful of sugar. Once she finds he's totally not the same guy she met that it's like he completely changed. That's when she decides to ask Viv (I'll get to her soon) to pretend to be her to see if he is a jerk or the sweet guy she met that night.

Rag- Rag is Lise's "Romeo". At first he's super sweet, but then he becomes a total jerk. When Viv pretends to be Lise he's super sweet all over again.

Viv- Viv is one of Lise's friend. She pretends to be Lise to see who Rag really is. When she starts to hang out with him she thinks "oh, this is totally not my type", but then she starts to get feelings for him and thats when everything crashes down for Lise.

Kyle- So, Kyle is the big nerd in the book. He's Lise's bestfriend, and he's the one who gives both Lise and Viv advice. Kyle has a huge crush on Viv, but of course she's clueless.


The conflict of this story is that Lise meets a boy at a bakery, and since they never exchanged names she doesn't know how to look for him, but then she finally finds him at her school. Since Lise had a mask on that night he doesn't remember her, and he's being a complete jerk. Since he never saw Lise's face Lise asks her friend Viv if she can pretend to be Lise to see if he's really a complete jerk or the sweet guy she met at the bakery. Now she figures out that she made a huge mistake asking Viv that because now Viv is starting to get feelings for Rag. Everything is weird between them two when Viv tells her that and it's very interesting to see who's going to end up with who in the end.

Rising Action

Event 1: Lise meets Rag at the bakery, and they never exchanged names so Lise doesn't know how to find him.

Event 2: When Lise finally finds Rag again he's a complete jerk, so she comes up with a plan to see who he really is.

Event 3: Lise asks Viv to see if she can pretend to be her, and date Rag to see who he really is.


The climax in this book is when Viv starts to get feelings for Rag, and he even asks her to this dance at the, so now Viv doesn't know if Rag is going to be her "Romeo" or Viv's "Romeo".