Special Edition: Student Support

WMS Administration, Support Staff, & Mental Health Supports

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year in a virtual learning environment, there will be many questions and challenges. We have been busy partnering with school-based mental health team leaders in surrounding divisions, as well as consulting our professional organizations, PWCS division counsel, and PWCS senior leadership.

The truth is...there is no perfect solution for our dilemma; there is no great substitute for the tried and true work we are used to. As Dr. Carolyn Stone, Counselor Educator and ASCA Ethics Chair, said, it all comes down to using your best professional judgement and making good faith efforts. This is what we are aiming to do as we balance our ethics and best practices with the needs of students and families in these trying times. Together, with patience and grace, we can make this work. We are truly "Stronger Together."

Guidelines for Remote Student Support Interactions

This official PWCS notice addresses emergency changes due to COVID-19 modified school schedules.

Role Analyses

Please read the document that is related to your specialty. These documents are important to keep handy. They outline what attendance officers, school counselors, social workers, and psychologists (coming soon) can do to fulfill their roles in virtual, hybrid, and in-person settings.

Get to Know Your Team: Woodbridge Middle School Administrators

Angela B. Owens Principal Woodbridge Middle School

Email: Owensab@pwcs.edu

Office: 703.494.3181

Fax: 703.494.6745

Twitter: @1PrincipalOwens

Michelle Praul Assistant Principal Grade Level 6th



Kathleen Hybl, Ed.D. Assistant Principal Grade Level 7th


703.494.3181 Tel

703.494.6745 Fax

571.271.9437 Cell

Malcolm Foust Assistant Principal Grade Level 8th



WMS Support Staff

Laura Williamson-Principal Secretary III


Phone: (571)-343-5200

Fax: (703)-494-6745

Maria Gouro Registrar Secretary II


Phone: 703-494-3181

Fax: 703-494-6745

Lesley Dean Bookkeeper II



Your WMS Attendance Office

Debora L. Warncke

Email: WARNCKED@pwcs.edu

(703) 494-3181

The WMS School Counseling Staff

Dr. Monique Cowell Director of School Counseling

Email: cowellmm@pwcs.edu

(703) 494-3181

Scheduled Office Days: Tuesday

Medina Gipson School Counselor Caseload A-C

Email: Gipsonmd@pwcs.edu

(703) 494-3181

Scheduled Office Days: Tuesday

DeAnne M. Lewis School Counselor Caseload D-J


(703) 494-3181

Scheduled Office Days: Wednesday

Jordan Tippet School Counselor Caseload K-Ra


(703) 494-3181

Scheduled Office Days: Friday

Julio Zevallos School Counselor Caseload Re-Z


(703) 494-3181

Scheduled Office Days: Thursday

WMS School Social Worker

Kara Burnham, LCSW School Social Worker



WMS School Psychologist

Linda C. Ross, M. S., NCSP School Psychologist



WMS School Nurse

Kristen Mikkelsen, RN, BSN School Nurse



How Will You Advertise Remote School-Based Mental Health and Support Services?

You can send a mass email to students and parents outlining how services will be changing, and how they can access school-based mental health services. You can also post this information to your webpage and in Canvas.

It is strongly recommended that web postings include emergency community service information for families (including this link), and a link for community-based mental health providers.

Explore the Guidelines and Resources in Detail

Best Practices and Safeguards

Read about informed consent, limits of confidentiality, documentation of student support interactions, professionalism and setting boundaries, and liability and ethics.

Individual Student Support

Read about considerations, email check-ins, and video conferencing.

Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect Presentation 1/11/21

Please click here to review presentation from staff meeting 1/11/21.

Duty to Warn: Threat to Self or Others

Read about suicide prevention (threat to self) and behavioral threat to others.

Consult Your Colleagues

It's important during this time to have colleagues and resources to consult. Click here for more information.


Read about mental health and family/student support, resources for use by school-based mental health professionals, food service assistance, and guidance from professional organizations.


PWCS wants to be certain our employees are provided with the best possible support and services. Click here for more information.