Needy of Love and Attention!



#1- Judy was crying intensely in the police station at the beginning of the movie she was crying cause her Dad called her a dirty tramp and she just wants to be loved and wanted by her father.

#2- Judy was scared and devastated talking about her dad but when they mentioned calling her mom instead she got worse cause she just wanted the attention from her dad.

#3- She is Down about her life doesn't really care sometimes



#1- Judy always does what she wants not caring if her parents don't want her to or not always getting in trouble and hanging with the wrong crowd.

#2- Hang around the wrong crowd knowing her parents wouldn't like that. She hung out with bad people like buzz who is a very bad influence.

#3- She also moved on from dating Buzz just after his death which shows she never really cared for Buzz just wanted to do something her parents didn't want.

Daddy Issues


#1- She wants him to love her and she tried kissing him on the lips he told her no but she still attempted so he slapped her.

#2- She does whatever she can to try to connect with him like now she is trying to connect with him by rebelling against what he wants to get his attention.

#3- Judy stays out past curfew even thought her parents don't want her to and by doing this her parents give her attention she wants even thought its negative attention.

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Judy has an Issue

Judy never had been on best terms with her Dad and that's why she has such big problems she is always trying to get his attention by braking rules and hanging with the wrong crowd and she is very needy and just wants someone to love her and she wants to love someone. Judy always needs to be in company with someone and they must be giving her attention. without attention Judy turns into a rebel doing everything her parents don't want. Judy shows her rebellious acts by wearing make-up trying to be attractive to attract people to her to get the attention she wants.

Did Judy change

Yes I believe that Judy did change throughout the book Judy started the book wanting everyone to love her and needed everyone to love her but throughout the experiences she had in the book she realized she didn't need everyone to love her she just needed someone to love, and have fun with. I believe that if the movie kept going it would show Judy getting along better with her parents and making better choices.

Symbols (Plato's mismatching socks)

This is a good symbol throughout the movie because it shows how lost, scared and confused Plato is and how he just needs someone in his life to help guide him and protect him and make him feel safe even when danger is around that is why he liked James a lot because he made James into a father figure in his life.


The Theme of the story is about how teenage deal with their problems like peer pressure, parental or abandonment issues and Just trying to fit in and being the new kid in the school.

Would Buzz have been a good guy if he didn't die

No, Buzz would not have changed and by not changing it would cause Judy to never like James so they would never have gone to the mansion and would never had to fight Buzzes friends which would mean that Plato would most likely still be alive. If Buzz survived they would have found more and more ways of being mean to James terrorizing him and making fun of him.