List 9 vocabulary

Zach Garrett


Raze-To blow up something such as a building.

Prolific- Gathering big amounts.

Writhe- to turn your body

Adhere-to be clingy

Apathy-to feel emptiness.


Raze: syn-Wipeout ant-Build

Prolific: syn-Rich ant-Unproductive

Writhe: syn-Wiggle ant-be still

Adhere: syn-Observe ant-Disobey

Apathy: syn-Coldness ant-Care

Word swap

The building was so old we had to "demolish"it from the park.

Swap raze

The "rich" food we made was so hard to eat.

Swap prolific

We had to "wiggle" out from the tiny tube so we can make it.

Swap writhe

My girlfriend was so "clingy" to me when we were at dinner.

Swap adhere

My brother showed emptiness after he didn't get a good grade.

Swap apathy