Leap into Literacy

March/April: Grades 4-5

Watch a Small Group Conversation to See Students Tracing a Theme Across and Within Bud, Not Buddy and Tiger Rising (3-5)

Spot Light on a Comprehension Strategy: Accountable Talk

Above is a video of students utilizing accountable talk in their literacy discussion. Accountable discussion empowers students to draw up arguments based on evidence. Students learn how to respect the views of their peers while strengthening their communication skills. They get practice in being good conversationalists, participating in conversations in a polite manner.


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Intervention Strategy: Engagement

Are your reader's struggling selecting independent reading novels? Consider highlighting having students spotlight their favorite books. You can do this in your classroom and use it as a speaking and listening assessment. You can also take it a step further by utilizing BiblioNasium. This web site is like Good Reads, but caters towards children.


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The Writing Lab: Focus the topic of your essay by providing a clear introduction

CCSS W.5.2a and W4.2a require students to introduce a topic clearly and group related information in paragraphs and sections. A clear introduction will help a reader focus on the topic. Use the steps below to help your students edit for clarity:

  1. Eliminate information that might distract your reader.
  2. Use details that directly support your topic for a clear introduction.