Disney Project- Chicken little

BY: kalum white , madison gibson ,and elroy cazares


We think that a Disney movie could help in a classroom experience by teaching children to understand important skills like recognizing plot in a story. These are a few examples of things that a Disney movie could help your students learn.


A Disney movie could be used in a classroom scenario to help students understand the plot, which in turn would help them to be able to better understand summaries, which are a big part of classroom tests. It could also help with understanding the story that your students are watching or reading by getting them to understand the plot.

make connections

We think that a Disney movie could help with making connections in a classroom by getting the students to understand different things in the story that relate to world, text, or self, for example, chicken little's dad was embarrassed because he said the sky was falling, but his dad and the other townsfolk said it was just a acorn, and my dad got embarrassed once because I fell while I was at target. Another connection is chicken little has three friends, and I have three too.

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Cause and Effect

A Disney movie could be used in a classroom lesson by helping the kids learn cause and effect in a more exiting way. It could also help you catch up on your work without having to worry about the students.