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September 11, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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News You Can Use!

At times the students will have assignments to complete on their Chromebook. It is important that the students log off their Chromebook, log back in, and authenticate at home. This will enable the assignments to be completed.

Every fourth grade student is required to read at least 100 minutes a week. That 100 minutes needs to take place any and all nights of the week. The students know that sometimes it may not be possible to read one night and that is okay. If that occurs they should read more on another night. Each night as part of their homework the students should be writing the title of the book and the minutes read each night. This should be written in the weekly part of the assignment notebook not the calendar in the front. Please sign the assignment notebook once your child has completed the reading and all other homework assignments.

Please consider joining the PTA. It is a wonderful way to help support some the programs that organization provides to the schools.

Cookie dough orders are due on Sept. 16.

Picture day will be September 30.


Each month Conley's classrooms will be focusing on positive behavior through PAWS Pride lessons. This week our PAWS Pride lesson covers the ins and outs of indoor recess. This is to ensure everyone has a positive experience while being inside because of the changes in weather.


All is going well in our literacy class. We are moving on to Lewis and Clark and Me. The narrator of the story is a dog and the students will learn about Lewis and Clark's expeditions from his perspective.

When the students make challenge in spelling they are finding some of thier very own spelling words. The words they add are fourth grade words that follow the spelling pattern for the week. On the fourth grade home page on Haiku there are links to use to find some words.


Both math classes are almost done with Unit 1. The students have had many opportunities to participate in hands on activities and other activities to help master the concepts in the unit. Please make sure to practice multiplication facts every night. They are a key to many concepts through out the year.

Mrs. Hassels and I both have math Haiku pages so please take a look to see what is on these pages.


This week the students continued to learn about structures and behaviors that help living things survive. Each student camouflaged a moth and hid it in the classroom. Then the students participated in a moth scavenger hunt. Some moths were easier to find then others. After the scavenger hunt each student reflected on the activity to make connections to our essential question.