Parent Newsletter

April 28th, 2014

This week...

We are exploring the science behind not only glass but also glassblowing. We will start the week with a very basic project of allowing the students to try and color their own glass in whatever manor they think will be the most successful. As the week continues on, we will dig deeper and deeper to root of how glassblowing works and the overall aspects of glass. We will end our week by going on a field trip to Janke Studios where will get to observe and learn from a professional glassblower. I am really looking forward to this unit!

Permission Form

Like I stated above, we will be going on a field trip this Friday. Parents, please fill out and return your student's permission forms to me no later than this thursday. (You can find the permission form either on my website or following this link:

Also, if you are interested in coming along with us, send me an email:

( and we can arrange for you to come along with us on this once and a lifetime experience!