Sprint car Racing


When it all Began

Don Radbruch, was the first person not only to drive a sprint car, but was the first person to build one as well. He built his first sprint car in 1922 for a man named Noel Bullock, and from then on, sprint car racing was a big deal. By the time the 30's and the 40's rolled around, the Model T based cars evolved into more better and refined to run a lot better. There were still mostly Ford parts on an A-B Engine being the base for many racing conversations.

Most of the races occured at state fairs and on the horse tracks because there wasn't really any dirt tracks open yet. However, through the years of sprint car racing starting to get big, thats when they realized they needed to start building tracks specifically for sprint car racing. In the 30's, sprint cars weren't called "sprint cars" at the time, there were two types of sprint cars and they were called midgets, which had a smaller engine in the car, and the big cars which has the bigger engine in it. The term midgets for the smaller engined sprint cars is still used today.

50's and 60's

When the 50's and the 60's rolled around the cars became more improved and professionally built and became a lot more common. In the 50's the cars were still using the old school WWII 4-cylinder engines, however another engine that was popular was the old V8 Ford Mercury engines. Then when the 60's rolled around, unfortunately everything turned into Chevrolet. So then the engines were V8 Chevy engines and now were used in most sprint cars. Very rarely now do you see a sprint car having a Ford engine. Racing was still some what on horse tracks, but sprint car tracks were becoming big and growing. And in 1950 someone finally came up with the name "sprint car" so now it was known as "sprint car racing".


Beyond the 60's the cars, have bacame into what they are today. Due to saftey issues, they added a roll cage onto the car, engines having more horsepower than ever which by the way is 930hp which means they have to have wider tires and body design, and added wings to aerodynamic down forces.

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