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Spring 2015

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Mrs. Farrell and Mrs. Disharoon's Weekly Newsletter

May 11-15, 2015

This week we will be reading about homes around the world! We are reviewing our sight words and the vowels a and i. Please continue to practice our sight words.....we will be assessing all 40 words in early June.

In the area of Math we’ll continue to work on our Measurement skills next week. As we do each day, we’ll also continue to work on general number concepts, addition and subtraction, and word problems for the remainder of the year. Our goal is for Kindergartners to have a deep, solid Number Sense. We routinely practice identifying numbers between 1 and 100 on our chart in the Calendar area. Some of our routine “drills” involve questions like these. What number comes next? What number is greater/larger, 17 or 20? How many tens and ones are in the number 34? Think of different ways to make 5 (2+3, 5+0, …) How would you write the number 66? Please use the Addition and Subtraction number fact cards that were passed along to you at Conference time. All Kindergartners will be assessed on these facts for the final report card.

We have very exciting Science news. We are sure you heard that we now have a jar with 5 baby caterpillars in our classroom! They arrived last Wednesday. All Kindergartners study The Life Cycle of the Butterfly. We will be observing the tiny caterpillars each day and record our observations in a special Butterfly Journal. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will witness amazing changes. Eventually, we will release five Painted Lady Butterflies in our playground garden area. We’ll be watching amazing video segments and reading many great stories as part of this Science Unit. It’s very “high interest” for us!!

Our final Field trip of our Kindergarten year will be on Wednesday, May 20th to Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro. This is a new trip for us and the teachers are very excited about the plans. Please remember to send your permission slip and payment ASAP. Thank you! If you offered to chaperone we will be confirming with you by mid week. Our Fisher School Field Day will be coming in June and that will be a great time to volunteer also. MANY parents are needed on that day and time commitments can fit your schedules. Information will be coming in late May.

It sounds like it will be a spectacular, summery week. Please start to pack a water bottle for your child each day! THANK YOU!! Remember, this Friday is an early release day. Dismissal is at 11:55. Have a great week!

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