Breathe Green charcoal bags Reviews

What can the air cleaner really do? Here is our report.

What is Breathe Green charcoal bags?

Breathe Green charcoal bag is a small bag filled with activated carbon that prevents or completely eliminates unpleasant odours and even strong stench. Just a few minutes after you have placed it next to an unpleasant smelling spot, the odour disappears and the air neutralises itself.
Breathe Green

Is the product right for you?

The Breathe Green charcoal bags is perfect for anyone who often has to struggle with unpleasant odours at home. Whether it's the constantly smelly garbage can, the smelly sports shoes or any other source of smell - the charcoal bags is suitable for all smells to neutralize your air at home or at work or at school.

Breathe Green charcoal bags rating and recommendation

The simple yet intelligent idea that activated carbon should help against odours is both surprising and fascinating. All you need is a Breathe Green charcoal bags, placed next to the trash can, the stinking shoe cupboard or other sources of odour, and the air becomes fresher again and the odour disappears.

All household remedies against odours or even air fresheners and room sprays that have been used so far have had their day and, due to their chemical composition, are more of a health killer anyway. This coal however is a natural product and now by this new idea wonderfully everywhere, where it stinks, applicable.

If you would like to order the product, please wait about 1 minute on the order page. Then you will get 2 additional offers one after the other - one 10% discount and another 5% discount on your purchase. So it's worth it!

Breathe Green charcoal bags technical facts

The Breathe Green charcoal bagss are environmentally friendly and consist of purely natural bamboo activated carbon. Bacterial particles, odours and allergens are bound to the surface of the air and the air is purified while the air flows through the fine pores of the charcoal. All toxins and fungal spores are extracted directly from the air and trapped inside. This prevents all odours, bacteria and moulds.

This removes moisture from the air and keeps your shoes and sports bag dry, so odours are trapped before they can develop. Food can also be kept fresh longer because the air is less humid and your food won't spoil as quickly. The charcoal bag consists of a beautifully sewn linen bag with extremely porous bamboo charcoal. The upper left corner has a metal eyelet for added comfort.

Breathe Green charcoal bags

How does the Breathe Green charcoal bags work?

The charcoal bags is placed exactly where the stench comes from. Either next to the trash can, the shoe cupboard or in the car. Wherever you want fresh air, you can put it down. A short time later the air is clean and refreshed. In order to be able to use the bag permanently, it is advisable to place it in the sun about once a month for one hour, so that it can "recharge" itself and provide fresh air again.

The bag can be used permanently for about two years and afterwards you can use it for other purposes by simply cutting it open and scattering its contents in the garden in the flower beds. This provides your garden's soil with valuable nutrients.

Breathe Green charcoal bags Test

The carbon of the bag is made of environmentally friendly and purely natural activated carbon and was filled into a high-quality and also environmentally friendly pure linen bag. These two quality characteristics speak for the great concern for nature and your health, as only the best and most natural materials have been used to do good and protect both man and nature.

Compared to other air fresheners, which are mostly packed in toxic plastic containers and consist of purely chemical ingredients that are neither beneficial to humans nor nature, this natural air freshener is a high-quality innovation for your home.

Breathe Green charcoal bags

The Breathe Green charcoal bags is a wonderful purchase with quick and targeted odour removal, especially for all those people who care a lot about their own health and at the same time want to do good for nature. Instead of having to spray chemical room sprays into the room all day to destroy the lungs, the bag is a small and quiet companion that secretly cleans and refreshes the air without you really noticing it.

Only when the air no longer stinks do you realize that there was something you used against this stench. And it does not harm you or your health at all. In addition, this bag can be used permanently for up to two years without having to constantly buy a new one, as long as it always comes into the sun once a month for one hour to recharge. And afterwards you can continue to use it for your flowers, your garden, for your bed, without throwing it away and producing waste unnecessarily. A worthwhile purchase, which you will have something of for a long time!

A user of this bag reports on the Internet that she has two big dogs and they often stink bestially. She bathes them relatively often, but it still stinks in her apartment. Only since she used the charcoal bags, it doesn't smell a bit like a wet dog in her apartment anymore. A single bag was used to clean the air.

Another user tells us that she once had a leaky sink and smelled unpleasant there. She placed a bag in the appropriate place and soon afterwards it no longer smelled unpleasant. In addition, the bag removed moisture and mould with great success.

One user also reports about his success with these bags, that he always puts them in his sports bag with his sports equipment, where it used to smell so unpleasant. The bag absorbs the smell of sweat, prevents mould from forming and makes the bag and shoes smell good again. Since this has worked so well, he continues, he now uses these bags also for his car. This now smells like new and especially on hot summer days, the stuffy smell was otherwise a plague that he has now left behind for all time.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the product

The advantages of the charcoal bags are the following
  • it removes all types of odours, allergens, bacteria, mould and sweat from the air and from objects.
  • It removes moisture from the air, preventing mould from forming and keeping food fresh for longer.
  • it is environmentally friendly and purely natural.
  • it has a long service life with a continuous use of two years and does not have to be replaced constantly.
  • it is a healthy alternative to chemical air fresheners.

Disadvantages are not known so far and would be in comparison to the enormous advantages rather inferior.

Where can I buy Breathe Green charcoal bagss?

The charcoal bags can only be ordered via the Internet on the manufacturer's website. There, however, you will be granted discounts and other benefits.

If you would like to order the product, please wait about 1 minute on the order page. Then you will get 2 additional offers one after the other - one 10% discount and another 5% discount on your purchase. So it's worth it!

Who is the supplier of the product?

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