Second Language Acquisition

Dr. Anita de la Isla ~ Dallas Baptist University

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Psalms 119:130 The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

At the end of her lesson on being thankful, the teacher said, “Your final assignment for today is to write a letter. The letter can be addressed to anyone—your mother, your friend, your teacher, or someone else. It is due at the end of the period. After I grade it, you may mail or deliver your letter, if you like.”

After the bell rang, twenty-five letters lay on her desk. Several students wrote letters to their friends, some wrote to their family members and others to their teachers, but one letter was addressed to the teacher. It was a complete surprise. It was from a boy that she felt she was unable to reach. He was always into mischief. His demeanor said that the things she taught in the Bible were of no interest to him. No matter what the teacher tried, she always felt that he had a deaf ear to spiritual things. Then she got his letter (paraphrased).

Dear Mrs. Wyrick,
I know that you love God with all your heart. I can see it when you teach Bible. I know I act like I don’t care about God, but I do. Right now, I am having a real bad time in my life. I am not doing right, but I want to do better. Please pray that someday I can learn to love God as much as you do.

The teacher sat quietly in her empty classroom and held the letter in her hand. She read it again, and then a third time. Tears came to her eyes, and a prayer formed in her heart.

Thank you Lord for allowing Your light in me to touch this student. Help him to find you. Help him to know you personally and to love you deeply as he builds a closer relationship with you. Give him good friends that will help lead him in the way he should go. Watch over him as he walks through these difficult times in his life.”

When you plant seeds, you never know which seed is going to produce the greatest harvest. Love each student unconditionally. Show concern, kindness, and gentleness to them all. God often chooses the ‘least likely’ person to join His army.

Dear God, Fill our hearts with love and compassion for those struggling with sin. Help us to show the love of Christ in such a way that they are drawn to your light. May our students see Jesus through our words and our actions

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