Jasper Daily News

September 28, 2015

New Announcements

JAGFEST: Jagfest will be occurring during block lunch this Friday, October 2nd. Students will have all of block lunch to eat and enjoy a DJ playing current popular hits. All inside options for block lunch will be canceled for this day. The only options for student are to be in the cafeteria or outside in the circle drive. We will have Chick Fil A, Jets Pizza, Panda Express, FANS, and Dip N Dots selling food. Please see posted announcements and flyers around campus for food pricing. For students to purchase food items, you will need coupons. Each student coupon is worth $1. Coupons can be purchased during block lunch on Wednesday or Thursday and before school on Thursday or Friday. You can also purchase coupons at Jagfest, but it is strongly encouraged to get your coupon early and not stand in two lines. Any coupons that are not used can be returned for cash from the PTSA. Please know that coupons are just like money and will not be replaced if they are lost.

SPIRIT WEAR SALES: Jasper will have spirit wear sales on Wed., September 30th during A & B Block lunches. Students, please remember to bring your money to get your Jasper and West spirit wear!

WEST HOMECOMING: Hey Jasper! The time to vote for your West Homecoming representatives is here! Many of your clubs/organizations have nominated one guy and one girl to be on the West Homecoming court. Their names will be placed on a ballot, and there will be a school-wide vote tomorrow and Wednesday. The guy and girl selected will represent Jasper on the West Homecoming Court. Stop by the table in the foyer and cast your vote tomorrow and Wednesday!

HALLWAY COMPETITION: Don’t forget to vote for your favorite hallway! The voting closes today at 4:30. You can vote by scanning the QR codes in the cafeteria, or going to tinyurl.com/hallwaydecor.

RED RIBBON/SPIRIT WEEK: Spirit Week is here. Today’s Red Ribbon fact is: 12 to 17 year olds abuse prescriptions drugs more than they abuse ecstasy, crack/cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine combined. 60% of teens who have abused prescription painkillers did so before age 15.

Now everyone please watch the commercial for tomorrow’s theme. Teachers please show the commercial now.

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