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Paint Pour Mac OS X

I keep in mind when I use to have computer classes in school—we all use to spend our class time in MS Paint create cool drawings. Later on, I found out Paint was helpful for other things, and I started using it as a rapid image editor for tasks like adding caption to a picture. Like me, there are a lot of people that do not require using a full featured app like Paint tool sai Mac to make and change their images.

That is where Paint like apps come in. Like their original Windows equivalent, they tend to be simple and very effortless to learn and use. The problem is, there are no bundle apps with your Mac that do what Microsoft Paint does

If you too are search for a MS Paint equivalent for Mac, then make sure some of the options we are present to you these days!

Paint for Mac is probably the application that looks like Microsoft Paint best. It is simple: you open a new file with the dimensions you desire, and it shows you a white picture with a toolbox that has all the tools Paint has – right down to the cover can! You draw away, then save the picture in any popular image format.

At the price of free, this is Paint for Mac OS. The whole thing regarding it reminds me of Paint. Simple and cool, if you are search for a substitute to MS Paint, look no further.