Mrs. Johnson's SIP Class Update

4-2-16, Sat: Chess Tournament- UTPB-register 8:15-8:30 AM

We have class this week, but not next week due to STAAR testing.

Week 24 March 22-24

Remember, I'm not sending home daily agenda/homework sheets now, giving the regular classroom teachers on the home campuses the opportunity to assign needed review-type homework for which the scholars have the knowledge and ability to complete. Hopefully this will help with the STAAR tests approaching.

However this week, your child will be coming home with a note reminding them and giving them important information about our April 2nd annual SIP Chess for Champions Tournament, if they have registered to participate.

Also please remember parents of 1st and 2nd grade parents that tomorrow at 8:00 AM at the ECISD Administration Building the sign-up for CAMP SIP will take place. Parents have been known to get in line at the window 6:30 AM, since it’s first come first served to the first 100 registrants. Your children should have come home with a pamphlet and registration page. Registration must be in person and a check or money order (not cash) is required.

5th graders are not able to attend the camp but are able to apply to be junior counselors. I sent the link to that information last week, but if you are interested, please let me know.

5th graders: Friday class doesn't meet this week due to Good Friday holiday on March 25th. I will see them next on April 8. [Including April 8th, Friday class has only 6 more times to meet and two of those days, they have other events--AR and AVID celebrations--in the afternoons.]

Tuesday and Wednesday 5th graders do meet this week and will continue following Odysseus through his Odyssey. We will research Greek mythology as well as begin to research Greek daily life. We plan to begin making our electrical circuits using our copper foil tape, LED bulbs, and other materials from our Donor's Choose project. We will have an inquiry lesson (about which I can't give any more information, because that would ruin the surprise!) We will continue our on-campus chess tournament!! [Tuesday and Wednesday classes have 8 more times to meet including this week.]

1st & 2nd graders: We will continue our on-campus chess tournament!! We almost finished our mythology flip books last week. This week we will finish them and play a fun game with the trivia we learned through our research. We plan to begin making our electrical circuits using our copper foil tape, LED bulbs, and other materials from our Donor's Choose project. Our class meets 8 more times including this week.

Upcoming in-class fun involving STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math]:

One of the things we will be doing in art after STAAR testing week is using the modeling clay that one generous Friday class parent purchased for us. We will be making miniature art pieces…little Greek gods and goddesses of the scholars’ choosing.

For technology, engineering, science and art, we will be using our Donor’s Choose materials making electrical circuits and creating fabulous journals. {Thanks again to all you who contributed.]

We will studying and doing math from famous Greek mathematicians such as: Pythagoras and Thales.

Update on possible Bristlebots in class project:

Last week, for this project I asked if there were any parents who were interested in purchasing $10 each of materials. These are actually things that they would purchase at Dollar Tree.

Tuesday class: Needed 3 parents to make possible this project: No volunteers yet.

Wednesday class: Needed 5 parents to make possible this project: Now onlyu need one more parent to volunteer.

Thursday class: Needed 3 parents to volunteer: Have one volunteer.

Friday class: Needed 4 parents to make possible this project: No volunteers yet.

I am so blessed to get to teach your children and learn from them!!!

Thank you,

Deborah Johnson

Scholars in Progress Teacher

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