Digital Parent Bingo

Part 2

What is Digital Citizenship?

"Digital Citizenship not only teaches students the etiquette involved in being a smart and effective participant in a digital world, but it empowers and equips students with essential life tools to help them navigate challenging digital-based situations." Salima Hudani

Digital Parenting Bingo Card

One item that constantly comes up when talking to parents is, “How do I know what I don’t know?” when it comes to raising kids in the digital age. We always emphasize that tech or no-tech, parenting is still largely about relationships, communication, honesty, feedback, rewards and consequences. When you add a layer of technology to parenting, there are some additional items to be aware of and some “tools” you should have in your digital parenting toolkit. We created the Digital Parenting Bingo card as a way to easily show some talking points for parents who are dealing with either school-issued devices and/or personal mobile devices. Listed below the Bingo card are the talking points in greater detail.

We have chunked the Bingo card into 5 parts. Please see the links towards the bottom for parts 1 and 3-5.

Big picture

Rules at friend's house

A new variable when sending your child to a friend’s or neighbor’s house are reviewing what their policies are when it comes to the internet and mobile device use. Review these rules with your child and, if possible, with the family he/she is visiting.

Know their account information

You should have access to all your child’s accounts and passwords. This shouldn’t be set up as a way to “spy” on your kids as much as it is to help with openness and transparency about what your child is doing and posting online.

Be a good role model

Do you tell your kids how to act with their mobile device, but then you demonstrate the opposite? Imparting wisdom on your kids is important and much of that comes with how you model those best practices when it comes to your own mobile device.

No devices at dinner table

With our virtual world continually intermingling with our face-to-face world, many families use dinner as a sacred “no tech” time. A time to have conversation, reflect and discuss the happenings of members in the family.

Spot check the photo roll

Many of today’s social media apps are very photo-driven. Periodically, spot check items in the photo roll and also which apps are accessing the camera on the device.

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