Freshman Atlast

Freshie 15-16

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Moving on to bigger and better things

Hey guys welcome to your first year of official high school! Isn't it nice to have a name now! I am Jordyn Morosky . I was an Honors English 9 student last year. Ninth grade is a little bit of a transition from eighth grade. As long as you have good study habits, stay organized, and pay attention to every detail in class it should be a breeze. Also stay well behaved because if not you will be spending a lot of time after school in the detention room! Furthermore, enjoy freshman year it only comes once.

What you're getting yourself into throughout the year (:


We watch poetry slams during the poetry unit. One of the slams we watched was called Louder Than a Bomb which was really intense. It was exciting to watch how each poet shaped their life story in a creative unique way. We also did exercises with partners and individual. Overall, it really helps students form a better understanding and appreciation of poetry knowing how much work the poets put into their poems.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A 13 year old poor girl named Francie is the main character. Her, her mom, dad, and little brother live in an old apartment building in Brooklyn. Each day they struggle for food and try to scrounge up any extra penny they find. Her dad is an alcoholic, but her mom tries to form a better life for her family. She cleans houses for a living which isn't a very well paid job at all. Growing outside their apartment is a tree that grew out of cement. It gives them hope knowing that even in the worst conditions something can flourish into bigger and better things. Will Francie's family flourish or diminish?


The main character of this book is a freshman girl named Melinda. Melinda is faced with some troubles throughout her high school years. Her and her friends attend a senior party. Keep in mind she is just getting out of eighth grade! There is a ton of alcohol at this party. Let's say things get a little bit out of hand. Her first day of ninth grade does not go that smoothly. All of her friends dropped her and she is acting very strange and unfriendly. What could possibly be the root of all evil leading all the way back to the party the previous summer?

Romeo and Juliet

This story takes place in Verona. Romeo is a Montague. Juliet's father is the head Capulet. Romeo spots Juliet at a Capulet party and it is love at first sight. If they ever were together they would be going against their parents big time. Also that would look very bad politically. The love is so strong though, what will it take for them to be together. Or do they end up without each other?

Are you a book worm?

My favorite type of reading we studied was Dystopian. We got introduced to different Dystopian books. We picked our top three we wished to read and she picked from those choices. I got the book Matched. All of the books are great options. We studied many other topics including Historical, realistic, and even a book of your choice at the end of the year. Mrs. Allen might seem like she is trying to torture you, but really she is trying to prepare you for the upcoming years of high school and even college. Reading is very important to her because it is a huge part of how you get through life.
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What caught my attention?

I loved the poetry unit we did. It was at the end of the year which was a nice way to end it off. We wrote one paged poems which I enjoyed because I got to write it on whatever I wanted which made it more personal and fun. There were also a couple projects along with it which were good because they were about music and etc. not boring topics.

No One Can Enjoy Everythinggg They Do Right?

For me personally I struggled with the Illiad and Odyssey and the tests that went along with it. Make sure to study extra hard for those tests because they are the most difficult ones in my opinion.

Words of Wisdom

In order to be successful in English class you must work with Mrs. Allen not against her. If you do not agree with what you are learning do not complain because it makes it even more painful for her and you. Also if you are confused with the topic ask! She is very helpful and knows the answer to almost every question you ask. She is a funny and outgoing teacher so feel free to talk to her in your free time when she is not teaching. It is okay to make jokes that is what makes class exciting. Just know that when it is time to be serious do not mess around.

Top 5 Ways to Earn an instant A!

1.) DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! One time I accidentally plagiarized not knowing that we could not look up the definitions of the words we were using. I totally regret it because she immediately gave me a zero. Also, do not cheat on anything no matter how hard it is because she will catch you I promise.

2.) Do not procrastinate. There are so many projects individually and with groups. Also essays, tests, independent reading, etc. You will be so stressed if you do not follow the syllabus she gives you at the beginning of the week.

3.) Keep up with the independent reading. This was particularly a struggle for me, but it is worth it. Every once in a while she will give you a pop quiz on the reading from the night before, and it is impossible if you have not read it. She is not that difficult about it, and it is usually a reasonable amount of pages.

4.) Study for all tests on the books you read. You may think that as long as you read the books you do not need to study, but that is not the case because the questions are in depth.

5.) Keep your binder organized. Four times throughout the year she gives you a check list of what needs to be in your binder. Not only do the papers have to be in your binder they need to be in the right section, right spot, and the papers have to be completed.

Inspirational Quotes from the best

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. -Mahatma Gandhi

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. -JFK