Hawaii, I hope to see you soon!!!

Victora Cayetano

Who am I?

My name is Victora Cayetano. I am a 9th grader at East Coweta High School. This year (2016), all the high school band students have an opportunity to take a trip and learn more about Hawaii and what truly happened at the bombing on pearl harbor. I would appreciate your donations so I could go on the trip to be in the parade!!! :-)

Waikiki Holiday Parade

Friday, Nov. 25th, 7pm

Pacific Theater, Laie, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Laie, HI

I have a chance to be involved in a Waikiki Holiday Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii to honor the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our band is expected to play in the Pacific Theater.

Please support me

I would love your donations so I could go on the trip to experience the world of Hawaii. Any amount is welcomed however I need the money by September 30. Thank you in advance for your kind support!!! :-) You can find me where music meets the ocean. :-D
Please Donate!!! :-)


See for your self

This website tells the background of the Waikiki Holiday Parade.