October 15th-19th 2014

What' going on this week?

Dear Parents,

Happy October! This week we will be focusing on counting digits. By the end of the week students will be able to recognize one-digit numbers (0-9). I should be able to see students accurately locate and identify one-digit numbers in books and other text such as number lines and charts. We will be working together to help our children understand by counting things at every opportunity they can!

Week 8

Weekly Calendar

Monday 15th:

· Counting numbers on number line/chart

· Making “My Number Booklet”

Tuesday 16th:

· Making play dough number figures.

· Complete number puzzle several times until number order is memorized.

Wednesday 17th:

Class will be going around the school and counting objects on first floor. (EX: 3 Picture Frames)

Cheerio Counting Activity

Thursday 18th: Finger Number Puppet

(Send glove with child or a dollar so they can be provided with one.)

Friday 19th: Field Trip!

Suggested for extended learning at home!

  1. Count number of stairs you go up or down.
  2. Count how many steps it takes to get somewhere. (ex: from bed to bathroom)
  3. Bounce wall once, then twice, then three times and see how many times the child can do so without you.


  • Challenge child to see if they can count backwards.