Cassidy Ellen Pascal

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Where I Come From

I come from a family of six. I am the oldest of my siblings; two other girls and one boy. I attended Catholic school my whole life. I went to K-State to study Elementary Education for a year and a half. Then, I moved home and decided to take online classes for a semester while I worked a lot. I have had several jobs, mostly involving children, since that is a passion of mine. So I have worked at several daycare facilities, babysat a lot, tutored, and now I am a nanny for a baby boy and 4-year-old girl part time. The other part of my time I spend working at garden center. I love both of my jobs!!
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My fiancé and me running a half marathon last spring :)

What I Like

I like to spend time with family and my fiancé. I enjoy running and have completed three half marathons. I also like to bake in my spare time, my favorite thing to bake is pie! Crafting is a creative outlet for me, so I like to create things as well. I also like to listen to all sorts of music. My favorite song right now is Sugar by Maroon 5. But I also like to listen to classic country. My favorite is Loretta Lynn! And I actually got to see her in concert with my grandma this past Fall, which was super cool because she is over 80. I have included 2 videos below. :)
Maroon 5 - Sugar
Loretta Lynn - Coal Miner's Daughter

What is Important to Me

My fiancé, family, & friends.

My Personal Learning Style

I am a visual learner. I also learn well by doing it myself. I find that if I can really get involved with the learning I am more likely to invest in what I am learning and be really interested in it.

I think that this will be helpful for my students who are like me, but I will have to try harder to connect with my students who have a different learning style than I do.

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Me and my friends at my high school.

My Strengths As a Person

  • Good listener
  • Care a lot about the people I am surrounded by
  • Very passionate about everything I do
  • Always speak purposefully
  • Good attitude towards everything that life throws my way

Strengths as a Teacher

  • Care about my students' success
  • Will make my students a priority at all times
  • Give everything I've got into my job as an educator
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Fun fact: When I was a little girl I was obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie series and used to want to like in the Pioneer Days. (A part of me still wishes I was born 100 years ago.)

My Weaknesses as a Person

  • Take everything too seriously-Don't take a break to have some fun
  • Too blunt and straight forward
  • Let other people's opinions bother me
  • Think too much about everything

Weaknesses as a Teacher

  • I tend to gravitate to a certain type of people, I'm afraid I will have a problem with having favorite students and students that just bother me.
  • Let my students' lives affect mine too much
  • Think about my students so much even when there is nothing I can do to help a certain problem that might be going on in that child's home life.
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Strengths & Weakness in my current jobs


  • I am a very hard worker.
  • I try to have fun with whatever I may be doing.
  • Work really hard to be good at what I'm doing


  • Care too much about pleasing others even when I realize it is impossible to please everyone all the time
  • Work too hard to where it wears be out too much

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My very favorite quote.

Goals as a Teacher

  • Be 110% there for my students
  • Don't let my outside the classroom life affect my life inside the classroom
  • Be consistent for my students
  • Be the teacher my students need me to be
  • Have fun! :)
  • Love what I do :) Because that is going to help be the very best teacher for my students
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Fun fact: I love to watch the Today Show.
Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)
If you haven't seen Kid Snippets, you are missing out!! I have watched probably all of them a few times!!