The Cotton Gin

Faster Cotton Production

Long hours of picking seeds is done with!

The cotton gin quickly and easily separates cotton fibers from their seeds allowing for much greater productivity than manual cotton separation. This machine is capable of cleaning 50 pounds of lint per day!

About our product

Design and Purpose

The model consists of wooden cylinder surrounded by rows of slender spikes, which pulls the lint through the cars of comb-like grid. Grids are closely spaced, preventing the seeds from passing through. Its combination of a wire screen and small wire hooks is able to pull the cotton through while brushes continuously remove the loose cotton lint to prevent jams.

Eli Whitney

American Inventor Eli Whitney designed this in 1793 and it will be patented in 1794. Whitney was born December, 8, 1765, in Westbourough. This will be one of the key inventions of the Industrial Revolution and it will shape the economy of the Antebellum South.