MS Science 8B 12 Week Newsletter

April 15- April 28

Assignments due April 28

1. Take Quiz: Newton’s First Law of Motion

2. Perform Lab: Paper Drop

3. Post an Original Response to Discussion: Force and respond to two other classmates

4. Take Quiz: Newton’s Second Law of Motion

5. Perform Lab: Balloon Car

6. Post an Original Response to Discussion: Water Rocket and respond to two other classmates

7. Take Quiz: Newton’s Third Law of Motion

8. Take Unit Test: Forces

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Nearing the End...

We are quickly approaching the end of our semester. Be sure to refer to your course schedule often, submit assignments on time, and ask questions to finish on a positive note.
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Syllabus/Handbook Acknowledgement Form

Please submit your Syllabus/Handbook Acknowledgement Form as soon as possible.

Discussion Board Tips

1. Write an original response to the prompt in your own words.
2. Your response should be a paragraph.
3. Respond to at least two classmates.
4. Your response to classmates should be positive, no put downs.
5. Responses to classmates should be well thought out, no "I like your post", "I agree with you". Tell us why you like the post or agree with your classmate.
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Late Policy

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Synchronous Session

Our weekly synchronous session will be on Wednesdays at 4:45 pm. You can find the chat room here