Climate Factors

A Lesson in Climate Factors


Why is it dry in West Texas, and a forest in east Texas? Why is it cold in Winnipeg, Canada, but London, at the same latitude, rarely gets snow? Why are there no seasons in the Amazon rainforest?

What is Climate?

Climate is the precipitation and temperature of a place, usually the 30 year average.

Climate Factors

There are several reasons that the climate in Central Texas is different from the climate in Norway, or Brazil. We call these the "climate factors." The factors are:

These factors influence temperature, precipitation, and the distribution of climate regions.

Use these and other sites to create your Smore.

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Your Task

Your group will create a Smore page to explain how one of the factors influences climate. (Choose the newsletter template). Use text, maps, and graphics to show how that factor works to create the climate of regions. Give examples of the influence of your factor.

One person in your group will have to sign up for - use your school email.

When you finish your Climate Factor page, click Save, then Update page, then copy the link and paste it on an announcement in your Google Classroom.

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