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The Cartographer

What do they do for a living?

About my client

My client is a cartographer, he makes maps and studies them for a life. He can't deal with basic maps, they juts aren't right in his opinion. He really likes the hackers point of view about space and time. He also owns a pretty big collection of old maps, he enjoys looking through them and then folding them back up. He never makes a mistake.

He made a purchase

The Cartographer just bought a big glass table for sketching.

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The Cartographer took a trip to the "Fire Station 27"
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The weeekend

My client is looking forward to the weekend. He is planning to attend to a local car meet in Frisco. It is called cars and coffee. He is going to meet up with friends, the thing he is most stocked on is the lay out. He is amazed by all the cars being perfectly lined up and in different categories. He's really looking forward to the meet.