Poseidon's Creation

By: Isabella McGeisey

“Hermes,” Poseidon howled, “I need an important message reported to Zeus, immediately!” Hermes flew as quickly as he could to Poseidon. “Yes, Poseidon?” Hermes asked, out of breath. “It’s the mortals; they are not taking care of my sea. They must be punished. I ask permission to release my creation upon the shore.” Hermes fluttered away to ask permission of Zeus,

“Zeus, all mighty Zeus, Poseidon wishes to release his wrath upon the shore to teach the mortals a lesson.” Hermes told Zeus. “And what lesson would that be, Hermes?” Zeus questioned. “The mortals are not taking care of the ocean,” Hermes explained, “Poseidon is furious.” “Give my permission; just warn him about being too harsh on the humans, what he does cannot be undone.” Zeus commanded. Hermes flew off to seek Poseidon. Hermes explained to Poseidon what Zeus had commanded and warned. “Then I will send my creation to shore!” Poseidon cried as he began making large circular motions with his arms. The wind howled as the sea floor shook. A tornado like figure made of water spun radically towards shore.

The humans panicked as the coast was evacuated, caused by a large tornado of the sea. The hurricane swallowed everything on the coast. People, houses, and boats were swallowed whole. As more and more mortals died, Poseidon’s creation grew stronger. All that was left on the shore was sand and a few well-rooted trees. When Poseidon called back his creation, he saw the shore lay bare. He missed seeing the happy mortals splashing in the sea and running in the sand. He took a trip to see Zeus about what he had done wrong. “Zeus I made a mistake. I was too harsh on the humans and completely destroyed the coast along with its citizens.” Poseidon cried. “I agree,” Zeus started, “the humans were wrong, but you were also wrong by acting with anger.” “How can I fix my mistake?” Poseidon pleaded. “The mortal population will replenish in time, until then you will live with your mistake because you didn’t take my advice.” Zeus confronted Poseidon.

Years later, the humans came back to the coast. Poseidon was ecstatic that the humans came back. Now, Poseidon listens to Zeus’ advice and knows not to be too harsh on the humans because every action has a punishment.