Tips for when you are pregnant

What to do and what to be careful around

Important Nutrients

  • Folic Acid - Needed for formation of neural tube; brain and spinal cord development.
  • Protein - Needed for muscle formation and growth.
  • Calcium - Need for bone and tooth formation; nerve and muscle development.
  • Iron - oxygen delivery by blood cells.
  • Vitamin A - cell and bone growth; eye development.
  • Vitamin B complex - nervous system development.


Exercising regularly wil help you have a healthy pregnancy. It will help lower your risk of diabetes and other health problems durring your pregnancy. But you need to get your doctors approval for your exercise program.Some forms of exercise should be avoided like horseback riding because you have a high risk of falling.

Medical Check ups

The changes of having a healthy baby increase if the mother visits her doctor or clinic for regular check ups through out her pregnancy.

Try to avoid

  • x-rays
  • lead
  • mercury
  • cat litter
  • alcohol
  • drugs

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durring the first trimester

  • record medical history and weight.
  • note conditions that could affect the pregnancy.
  • prescribe prenatal vitamins as needed.

Durring the second trimester

  • monitor heartbeat of fetus.
  • measure growth of uterus.
  • monitor for complications using ultrasound and other tools.

durring the third trimester

  • check position and size of fetus.
  • check for warning signs of premature, or early, birth.
  • continue to monitor for complications.
  • discuss birth process.

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