Available to all Guernsey College of FE staff

Get your login details from to access 24/7/365 support for all GCFE staff. All support provided will be completely confidential. No reports are sent back to GCFE apart from the quarterly anonymous usage statistics. This Help Scheme gives you access to the following:

· Unlimited raising of issue-based questions from staff, sent in via email, with a guaranteed personalised email response within two working days

· Two 15-minute phone calls per employee, for advice

· One day’s training or coaching, on site, at 50% of the usual rate

· One email per week, requesting new, fresh and engaging ways of teaching lessons or topics that seem sterile, dry or boring

· Access to the "what do I do?" website, where you can read all the other email Q&As from other participating colleges (all anonymous, for confidentiality)

· Tailored solutions, appropriate and relevant to the individual concerned

· Timely - advice available at exactly the time the individual needs it

· Practical - not theory from textbooks, but specific useable advice, drawn from over 20 years’ experience working in and with this sector and the professional support network

· 24/7/365 - full access, all year, for all staff - a genuine on demand, responsive service

For Log in details contact