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August 21, 2020

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How to make Payments during ELearning

Because of our current situation with the pandemic, it is harder to know how to do those payments for school fees. Please follow one of these options:

  • Mail it in to us at 3000 Raffel Road. If you have any special things about the payment that we need to be aware of, just stick a note in the envelope with what you need, or to ask us to call as soon as we get that payment. We are here to help.
  • Pay electronically. The District now has options for parents to pay electronically either by credit card or eCheck. To get to the right place to pay fees electronically, click on this LINK
  • The link shown above will also take you to the location to get the Fee Waiver form and the Free Lunch form. Please remember that you must do BOTH forms. The Free Lunch form does not help you with a fee waiver for other school fees.

Deliveries of School Supplies: What you need to know

During our eLearning schedule, we do have the ability to deliver needed supplies to students at home. Please know the following things:

  • Materials will arrive by school bus.
  • The drivers will come to the door and knock if they have supplies for your student.
  • Some one will need to be home to accept the delivery. Bus drivers are not able to leave supplies at the door.
  • We cannot define an exact time that the delivery will be there. It depends on when the teacher brings us the supplies, and how many students are being delivered to each day. The first round of deliveries goes out first thing in the morning, and then there may or may not be an additional delivery in the afternoon.
  • If we are unsuccessful in delivering to you, we will first communicate with your student through the classroom teacher, then we will contact parents as needed.
  • For items you need, you can always arrange to pick them up at school. Drop by the school during office hours of 7:30 AM to 4 PM. Ring the doorbell, tell us what you need and we will bring it to you.

Most of all, we want to help. Please be patient as we all learn new ways to do things!

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Did you want the yearbook from 2019-20, but forgot to purchase one in advance?

We have yearbooks left over from our 2019-20 Yearbook. Each book is $60. You can purchase them in one of two ways.

1) Please bring your check or exact amount to the school any day between 7:30 AM and 4 PM. We will give you the book.

2) Pay the $60 fee online. There will be a small fee added to your purchase for the online processing. Please specify in the Misc. box that this is for the 2019-20 yearbook. We will then deliver the book to your home on the bus.

Please call if you have any questions, 815-334-2100.

Here are some FAQ and answers!

  • Canvas Conferences are being used by many teachers. These are different than Google Meets or Zoom Meetings. These conferences do not have an external link that can be sent to students to access the meeting. All students must access these through their Canvas accounts.
  • Parking Passes: many parents bought parking passes before we knew that we would be remote until October. Passes are sold based on a per semester cost. If we return during the first semester, your student would still be paying the same amount for that parking pass. If we don't return to the building at any time during 1st semester, we will begin contacting parents about those fees and how parents want to deal with them.
  • If you need support with your device, please email Tech support may send you a list of questions to help them determine the best way to help you. If you do not respond to those questions, you will not be in line for assistance. Please be sure to check your email.
  • Not receiving our emailed information? We are using email much more these days to communicate with parents. If you aren't receiving them, please call our office and help us correct your information! Our number is 815-334-2100

Attendance during ELearning

Please be sure to call your student's absence into the attendance line when they cannot attend class. Please try to call before 10 AM on the day of the absence. 815-334-2400. Students are required to attend class every day except on asynchronous Friday's. They are expected to be logged into the class by the start time for the class. Student's that arrive after the start time will be marked as tardy. Each day, your student must be in a situation to work on their course material, participate in discussions, and answer questions from the teacher. Students are expected to be actively engaged in class from start to finish. Please understand that students should have a dedicated learning space to use during class. For example, they cannot be driving, walking outside, shopping, or working during class time. Thank you for helping your student understand these expectations.

Does your student need Community Service Hours?

We need peer tutors at all levels. If your student is a good student, and is working toward membership in NHS, Key Club, or Cum Laude, then we can help them earn their hours. Peer tutoring is a great way to do this! Peer tutoring will be conducted remotely. Please contact Jenn Spear at to let her know if your student is interested in helping other students become more successful.