3d printers! The Next Big Thing?

By Calli Frankel

3D printers

You may think "3D printing?? No way." But beginning in 1986, when Charles Hull invented the first version of a 3D printer, this amazing technology has been becoming more and more popular. The printers are becoming far more advanced and can now print almost anything humans can think up. In the video below, you see a model car wheel being printed. It starts at the bottom and lays down material needed for whatever is being built! This video obviously skips parts of the process, because a car wheel can't be built in 2 minutes. But 4 hours is not a long time to build a car wheel frame!
Cubify 3D printing car wheel in 4 hours

Printing Bodies!

3D printing has been extremely useful for many people using these printed items. In fact, some people do more than use 3d printed items-they need them! Thats right, 3D printers are now printing human body parts! The most common is probably ears and noses, but organs are being printed too! These machine made body parts are being used on patients and have been improving lives!
Big image

Getting Hungry?

Besides all of these incredibly useful inventions, scientists are making food now too! At first it was just junk food like pizzas, pancakes and crackers, but people can't live off of that! A group has formed that is now starting to print biscuits with plants in them! This makes a healthier way to eat 3D printed food! Open http://3dprinting.com/food/edible-growth-food-printings-next-big-thing/ the link for more info.
Big image

Shaping our future?!

While there are so many amazing things these printers are accomplishing, there are some negative side effects also. 3D printers give people the ability to print firearms. This is becoming increasingly more dangerous, as people can simply make themselves a gun. In fact, in Southern Wales it is now illegal to own a file that can print a firearm. What will we do with this new technology? Where will it take us, and how will end up?