Friday Focus

February 19, 2016

Important Dates for Next Week

Monday, Feb. 22

  • Pennies for Patients
  • Lighthouse Team Meeting @ 2:45 in Conference Room
Tuesday, Feb. 23
  • 3rd grade Field Trip
  • Erinn Out in AM at Principal's Meeting
  • Blackboard Cohort 2 Open Lab Time @ 2:45
  • Chik-fil-A Night 5-7 pm

Wednesday, Feb. 24

  • Faculty Meeting @ 2:45

Thursday, Feb. 25

  • Lunch provided for staff by Lisbon Church
  • Volleyball practice after school in gym

Friday, Feb. 26

  • Alliance Play for PreK
  • Counselor's Meeting in AM
  • Drawing for next year's Lottery PreK

Nuts and Bolts

  • Gentle Reminder: please remember that your personal kids need to be in your room (or a designated spot) after school each day. We are having more and more kids visiting the office area and wandering the halls. Please remember this is still work hours for all of us. If you have any questions, please come and see me.

  • Math Teachers--Please let me know if you are interested in attending the NCTM Math Summer Institute on July 11-13 in Atlanta (near the airport). The county is willing to pay for one teacher per school to attend.

  • Keep Tweeting--even though our challenge is over, it has been so exciting to see many of you still tweeting to our #SHMES2day and @saraharpminter. It is powerful to share your stories and to learn from others.

  • Check out our 5th graders: Joey and Jamie weren't selected as the "winners" but got a big Shout-Out in this article. I think they are huge winners!! Very proud of them.

Kudos (some of these are from last week)

  • sweet tooth says THANK YOU for the yummy candy bar and thank you for the card with all your kiddo's signatures on it. You were so thoughtful to do that "sweet" thing for me! Angela
  • Kim and your class, thank you so much for the beautiful hearts on the wall outside my door! It was so fun walking up and finding them there. Thank you for thinking about me! Angela
  • Kimberlee and your class...I loved all the wonderful cards you gave me. The beautiful pictures and sentiments put a smile on my face! Thank you! Angela
  • Erik and Mike...thanks so much for teaching the 5th grade boys Human Growth and Development lesson. I could tell you guys were Rocking the lesson! Angela
  • Pam, Liz, Nancy and Tracy..thanks so much for helping sort through Candy Grams early this week. You helped me soooooooo much and I appreciate all of you! Angela
  • Donna..thank you so much for helping me play detective and search out 1st period teacher's names for the "millions" of Middle and High School candy grams. Also for helping me put candy on the candy grams. Thank you for always being willing to help! Angela
  • Beth and Cheryl you were so great in helping sell the candy grams to parents! Thank you for helping with that huge task! Angela
  • I loved doing the secret Valentine pals! Great idea! Of course, I had the best Valentine, Emily Sellers!! --Beth
  • Sharon Norton...Best Secret Valentine ever!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. My beautiful blanket is beyond perfect. Love ya!! Holli
  • Thanks to Erinn for making an uncomfortable meeting rather pleasant.--Jo Elen
  • Thanks to Sandra and the rest of my 4th grade peeps for always listening and just being true friends! Jo Elen
  • Thanks to Angela for always being so happy and willing to help. Jo Elen
  • Thanks to Sandra for planning a FUN field trip! Jo Elen!
  • Thanks to Erinn for the FREE JEANS!! Jo Elen
  • A HUGE thank you to Mr. Dave for the special treats! You are the BEST! --Eileen
  • Thank you so much for all of my Valentine goodies, Holli! You made me feel very special! --Eileen
  • Thank you so much Messer and Mundok for taking extra special care of my girl. I am very appreciative to both of you for the love that you have provided this year! --Eileen
  • To Second Grade, thank you for being the best team to work with! --Eileen
  • A big thank you to Michelle Rustick - such a wonderful secret Valentine. --Nancy Ricker
  • Thank you to Mrs. Vandergrift for the set up and use of the computer lab for testing. --Nancy Ricker
  • A huge thank you to Mrs. Whitlock, Mrs. Corley, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Cole, Ms. Jones, Mrs. Zimmerman, and Mrs. Corvey for being so flexible with scheduling during ACCESS. --Nancy Ricker
  • HUGE thanks to everyone for such an awesome baby shower!!! Perry and I were overwhelmed by the amount of love and care that was put into the entire event. It was amazing - and so adorable!!! We can't thank everyone enough for all the wonderful gifts! :) - Kari
  • Thank you, Beverly, for printing my STAR math results every month, and for being the BEST car duty partner! Love, Clara
  • Thanks to Emily for taking wonderful notes in our IEP meeting. I love your sense of calm and appreciate ALL you do! Clara
  • Sandra, thank you for organizing our field trip to Fernbank! You're awesome! --Nicole
  • Thanks to Ivette Whitehead for being the best "Secret Valentine". You made every day special for me. --Joan
  • Thank you Jaime and Amanda for seeing that each student has their "day debut" on the Moment in Black History. The students are excited to see themselves on You Tube. Siren
  • Jo Elen ~ My "Secret Valentine" ~ Thank you so very much for all of my treats! Every day was so thoughtful and sweet! Your the Best! --Sharon
  • Heather W for organizing the volleyball game against Spring Hill. ~Emily

  • Kelley & Amanda for the quick turn around time on my lamination projects. ~Emily

  • Mary H for all of my secret valentine gifts. I enjoyed each surprise! ~Emily

  • Holli H for hosting the FIP meeting in her classroom. ~Emily

  • Joan W for helping me order new materials. ~Emily

  • Marie B for being a great hall duty partner. ~Emily

  • Thank You Coppollino for going to the moon and back as my secret valentine! Simply AWESOME - Mesha

  • Kudos to Sharon for working so hard with our kiddos that need that 'extra' push and love - Mesha

  • Thanks Angela for being optimistic about our future counseling endeavours.. we will be great! - Mesha

  • Kudos to Eulene for listening and being so supportive - Mesha