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From a Small College Website to the Second Most Used Website in the World

Facebook. A website with enough users that it rivals the population of China. Almost everyone today uses Facebook, but not many people know how or what Facebook was actually for. Originally called Thefacebook, Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as a website to connect people at Harvard University with each other. Zuckerberg had only intended to use the website at Harvard, but it became popular so fast that it was used at over 1800 colleges and universities only a year later. After Facebook was released to the public, over 50,000 people were joining each week! With this explosion of users joining Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg faced many problems keeping up servers and trying to sell advertisements to fund the website. In order to fund the upkeep he was forced to become a publicly traded company. This means that his company had shareholders and was traded on the a stock market. Due to this, Facebook had enough money to keep its site up and running.

How Facebook Works

Facebook is a website that allows you to share posts, pictures, videos, chat with your friends, like other photos and posts and connect with far away family members. Of course all of this wasn't available at first. Originally on Facebook you could only post and like other posts, but to be able to see other people's posts you actually had to click on their profile to be able to see their posts. This is why Facebook introduced the News Wall, where you could see yours AND other people's posts. At first this caused a lot of controversy over privacy but Facebook managed to convince people that it was easier than previous methods, and the News Wall was accepted as a feature of Facebook. The photo uploading application was added to Facebook in 2006 and was received well. People were excited that now not only could they read about other people's life, but now they could see it too. The chat and message features are also essential parts of Facebook as they allow you to send messages to your friends and family privately. All in all, Facebook's components and feature make it like a well-oiled machine that everyone loves.
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A post by President Barack Obama about global warming.

Facebook Today

With over 900 million users today, and still rising, Facebook has become the largest and most used social media website in the world. From a small college website to a global phenomenon, Facebook is no doubt one of the most famous and widespread inventions of all time. Mark Zuckerberg is now one of the world's youngest billionaires and one of the richest people in the United States. Facebook is a testimony that just one simple idea or one simple website in this case, can become huge if you just work for it and never give up.
The Illustrated Story of Facebook