Fourth Grade Happenings

September 16, 2014

Did you miss the most important meeting of the year?

The PowerPoint from last weeks Curriculum night is now available on the Homeroom page of either Mrs. Wilson or Mrs. Beissel's website. All parents are responsible to know the information presented. Please take a few minutes and view the presentation so you will be up to date on Fourth Grade procedures. Handouts for Reading and Spelling are available on the Reading and Language Arts pages accordingly.

This Week in Fourth Grade

Reading- Summarizing and identifying common themes in fiction, Unit 1 test on Friday

Writing- The writing process, choosing a piece to publish.

Word Work- Parts of speech, noun, pronoun, and verb- (spelling starts next week)

Math-Numbers to 10,000 and subtraction strategies

Science- Properties of matter

Social Studies- Constitution Week

Mrs. Beissel's Authors

Mrs. Beissel's Authors

I braced myself as the huge coaster started. It was called Everest Expedition. It was a beautiful day in Orlando, Florida (Disney World). The ride started and we went through a huge cave. As we went through the cave, I could feel a big field of hands sticking through the ceiling. Suddenly I heard a "BOOM!". We were being thrown backwards! I open my eyes and said, "Phew!" But that was not it, my mom wanted to go on an even faster ride, so I dared myself to go on it. Seconds later, I found myself on another roller coaster. We were turning and flipping. We went up a mountain. It was SO fast that it felt like I was levitating, but I managed to stay in my seat.

By Gautam

Mrs. Capps' Authors

One day I was riding my bike with my grandpa, who came down to visit. I was ahead of him and he was in the back because he was walking. While I was ahead I went to a place where I could stop and wait. When I put my brake down I said, " OWWW!". When I looked down I saw that my leg was bleeding and I saw a big scratch on my leg that was bleeding. Then I started screaming and crying, my eyes out because it really hurt. Next there was this lady helping me until my grandpa came and helped me too. He told me to ride home. Then when we got home my grandma and mom saw and started helping me too because it looked really really bad. My grandma and my mom tried rinsing it off but it really hurt so they put some cream on it to let it heal more. Then they put a band aid on it very carefully so it won't hurt as bad as it was when I got it. My mom told me to take a bath because I was sweating and dirty. She watched me while I was taking a bath so she can keep me company and make me feel better. The next day which was the first day of 3rd grade. I was nervous because I knew everyone would ask me what happened or say "eww." Even today they still ask me about my scar though it happened last year and they are also afraid to touch it and that really hurts my feelings because it is just a scar not a spider.

By Allysia

Mrs. Wilson's Authors

One day I was playing at the park, I was 8 years old and this is a story I never forgot and I will never forget. I looked around, I saw swings, I saw slides, and a lot of other things too, but there was something behind the slide,there it was, the biggest pole I've ever seen? It led to the top of the slides. I thought for a moment if I went up the pole I would never make it, so instead I'll go by the ladder. But when I got to the ladder their was a HUGE line how would I get up their in time. I had to try the pole, so held onto the pole as tightly as I could and started climbing. I was almost their. Almost, almost, I gave it my best shot and started climbing. I did it! I got to the top!

By Ayush