Unit 2 Summative

By Grace Daniele

Unit 2 Claim

Different groups of people from all around the world must work together by signing treaties, sharing ideas and solving problems to keep the peace.

Cooperation and Conflict

The evidence needed to support my claim consist of two words that are what Unit 2 and the "Bullets and Ballots" Game revolve around, Cooperation and Conflict.

  • These were two major ideas that were displayed throughout the game.
  • The interaction between all the social groups showed cooperation but caused conflict.
  • There were many treaties being passed from group to group, opinions being shared, alliances being made, these are some of the ways of cooperation. this can lead to conflict though... such as betrayal of alliances, breaking of treaties, lying, silencing and kidnapping people.

My Experience in the, "Bullets and Ballots" Game

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Who are the Guerrillas?

My role in the game was being apart of the Guerrillas. This social group is also known as the G.L.F. (Guatemalan Liberation Forces). Guerrillas are usually members of a small independent group that takes part in fighting against bigger regular forces. Most of the time, we are against the people in power because the powerful people seem to hurt the weaker ones. As guerrillas we never give up on what we want and fight for the people of Guatemala.

Our Opinions/Goals as a Social Group and the Outcome of the Game

Opinions about the other Social Groups

Army and Wealthy: Our group shouldn't really like this group because they are in power at the beginning of the game and may not use it in the best way, they intend to think more about what they want and not what the other people want. They killed many of the peasants and seem to not care about there opinions and how they feel. Even though the Army and Wealthy are kind of like our enemies, we decided to work with them in the game so that if they won the election we could have a say considering we can't vote. They were nice and friendly to us at first when we made out plan and treaty but towards the end of the game we realized how untrustworthy and heartless they really are after they broke the treaty, declared war on us and silenced a bunch of people.

Guatemala Government: In the game our group didn't really make many treaties with this group. But we did keep peace between us with them. I felt bad for this social group because on the first day Ali, their Vice President gets kidnapped. Then after Ali gets out of the Army and Wealthy's control, on the last day Andrew gets kidnapped. The Army and Wealthy also ended up silencing almost their whole government (including me because I was talking to them so it looked like I was apart of the government when I am really a guerrilla) I was happy for the Guatemala Government when Ali won President, that group deserved and if we could vote, we wouldn't voted for them.

Peasants: We didn't really talk to much with the peasants, we tired recruiting some of them but no one would come to our side. We still showed how we support them and fight for their rights and safety though, especially after what the Army and wealthy did to their families. I was also happy when Emma won the election for Vice President because the peasants deserve power in this country because they live here and there opinions should be heard and not just thrown away.

United States: We along with all the other social groups did not like the U.S. especially at first. They barged into our business and were trying to decide how we are going to live when they don't even live here! But they did end up using a takeover card and deciding what our future would be like. Even though I really didn't like the U.S. at first, I liked who they decided to pick for President and Vice President of our country.

Some of our goals for the game that we had were...

-To keep the peace between countries

-To gain complete power

-Have no violence or wars

-Have an alliance and work together with the Army and Wealthy

We were able to accomplish some of these goals with cooperation and conflict but there were others that weren't quite achieved.

- For most of the game we had peace and worked together with the Army and Wealthy. By both agreeing to keep peace with each other, not declare war on one another, and share the power if the Army and Wealthy won the election we signed off on a treaty on day 1 of the game. There was no violence or alliance breaking in till the last day. When our group was asked if we wanted to declare war on the Army and Wealthy we said no which we have been saying the other times too, but they stabbed us in the back and said yes! Thankfully when they chose a card they got a draw card so we didn't have to fight. But we were disappointed angry and felt betrayed by them! In this case cooperation definitely ended in conflict!

- We did try our best to get the U.S. out of this problem. Most of the other groups could agree with us that, this isn't their country and they shouldn't be barging into our business, trying to deal with our own problems. So on the second day of the game we made a "treaty with the U.S. for peace between us. After they signed off on it, we altered what the treaty said a little bit so that is stated that the United States would give us all of there 60 MSU's. All of the countries made an effort to keep the United States out of the way but in the end none of the groups were that happy when the U.S. decided to use a takeover card and decide our country's future for us.

- A good thing about the game for our group is that we did a good job of keeping peace between other groups and being friendly with everyone except the U.S. We went for a non violence approach by not declaring war on Army and Wealthy because that would've caused more chaos and make more problems that we wouldn't want to have to deal with.

My Prediction of Guatemala's Future

Even though my group and many others weren't a fan of the United States themselves, I liked the decisions they made when they took over at the end of the game. They decided that Ali would be president, who is a member of the Guatemala Government, and Emma would be Vice President, who is a peasant. I agree with the U.S. on picking these two because I think that they will make a great team, having the experience of working in the government and having a voice for the peasants. I do think that there will be disagreement and conflict between the two leaders at times because they may not agree on certain things but i mean all people have arguments. I do feel that, even though I dislike the Army and Wealthy for everything they've done, it would be helpful if one of there representatives were either Vice President or they had more power. This is because the government itself may struggle without some help from the Army and Wealthy. The Army Wealthy are a group of obviously successful people because think of all the money earned from working so hard. Ali and Emma may have trouble without someone there to help them with finical issues and decisions they may come across soon. So if there were chaos at all I would think it would be because Ali and Emma wouldn't be able to know how to take care of a certain situation, this would scare the peasants and it would get worse from there, money wouldn't be manged correctly, I mean a bunch of things could go wrong without a little financial help from Army and Wealthy. The thing is maybe the Wealthy wouldn't want to help Ali and Emma because they would rather use their money on something else than using it to fix the governments own mistakes. Then the Guatemala Government would agrue with Army and Wealthy and things would get violent again.

This is where we come in, the Guerillas!! We would try to keep Army and Wealthy out because we wouldn't want them to hurt any more of the peasants ever again!! As fighters we never give up one what we want and what the people want. We already have a bad history after the game with the Army and Wealthy so things would get heated between us as we fight for our country.

Basically what my prediction is, is that Guatemala would just have chaos all over again and it would draw the U.S.'s attention but i don't know if they'd even try to help us because when they did during the game, we didn't want their help!

Real World Examples to Support Claim

After being apart of this game, I realized how much we as people rely on other groups of people, and how there is conflict and cooperation in all areas of the world.

The Boston Bombing, 9/11,and Paris Terrorist Attacks are all examples of real life problems that have happened in the world.

Just like the game, these issues were triggered by disagreement between different social groups, causing conflict affecting the way the people in these areas live.

That's why it's important to cooperate and work through the conflicts so that they don't get worse and start affecting other areas of the world.

Just like in Guatemala, these horrible incidents ended with people losing there lives through violence that was triggered by conflicts between social groups.

A current conflict that is taking place right now in the world is with North Korea threatening to bomb us. The two social groups would be The United States and the people of North Korea. The North Koreans are trying to use missiles and nuclear weapons to damage our country. They haven't attacked us yet but threats have gotten to us. They threatened us quite recently by sending a propaganda film of they're plan to attack our capital, Washington D.C.

How Unit 2 Connects to My Life

Social groups are different groups of people that share similar interests and beliefs. Everyone is apart of different groups, it makes them who they are.

Some Social Groups I'm apart of

-My Family

-My Best Friends

-Cheer Team Friends

-Bus Ride Friends

-School Friends


For example who you sit with at lunch. There are many tables filled with all kinds of people. You usually sit in the same seat everyday with the same people because that is you social group, they are people you enjoy hanging around with because they may have the same interests as you.

Within a social group and when they interact with other social groups two things are always present, cooperation and conflict. This means that people work together and share ideas and opinions but then there are times where not everyone in the group or other groups agree with other peoples opinions.

A Future Conflict

This is kind of a conflict that is starting to evolve now but will affect me in the future. When I talk to my parents about colleges and where I want to go they disagree with me on some of ideas of where I would like to go. I want to go to college out of state. I want to be near/in a big city like my dream is to study Interior/Fashion Design in New York City, or go to a really good college called Syracuse which isn't really a big city but I'd be able to study Design and have the opportunity to cheer on the Cheerleading team there too! Another state I was considering looking at schools in is Florida. My parents on the other hand would rather me go to a school like UNH or somewhere not to far away fro home so that I could visit them and be near by. I feel like traveling and going somewhere out of the state is the best opinion for my future. I still would love and really want to visit my parents as much as I can but if the best college for me is either in New York or Florida then that's where I want to be.

Summing up Unit 2 in just 6 Words

Groups deal with Cooperation and Conflict