What Do We Eat?

By : Jillia and Breena

Part 1


~pancakes/waffles ~sausage/bacon ~grits ~eggs ~orange juice/tea/milk

~Bojangles : Cajun fila biscuit, dirty rice, chicken,


~sandwich ~ravioli ~chicken strips ~salads ~chips/fries ~fruit cups/pudding cups

~water/soda/juice ~soup ~chili

~McDonald's :chicken nuggets, quarter pounder, chicken sandwich, fries


~chicken ~meatloaf ~Chinese food ~pizza ~stuffed peppers ~steak ~turkey ~water/soda/tea ~mashed potatoes/rice/mac and cheese

~Chick-Fi-La : Chicken nuggets, chicken noodle soup, waffle fries

~Subway : BLT, chicken tariaki, ham and cheese (subs) chips

How our food Affects us

Satisfying Foods:

~eggs ~soup ~grilled chicken ~steak ~chili ~meatloaf ~fruit cups - beans - vegetables

- air popped popcorn - turkey

Unsatisfying Foods:

~crackers ~cookies ~chips

How Our Emotions Effect What We Eat

When you're happy you don't really eat because you're to energetic. When your stressed you eat because you feel like you need some "brain food". When you feel fatigue you eat to get your energy back. When your sick you don't eat because you don't feel like you can't "keep it down".

Culture Expectations

In many cultures, when families get together they tend to eat a lot of food even when they are not hungry because it's traditional.

Part 2

Weight Loss Program : Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem's plan is to help you loose weight and keep it gone by eating the foods you like in appropriate portions. This affects you mentally because even though you loose weight you have to stick to their plan, only eat what they give you and healthy foods, this is an issue because once you've reached your goal weight it's hard to get off the prepackaged meals. When your out to eat with your friends or family you have to stick to the prepackaged meals and you can't eat what you want to. This affects you physically because you loose the weight in the amount of time you want with the guidance of a coach.

Intrinsic/Extrinsic Rewards

An extrinsic reward would be being able to see physical changes to your body due to the diet program. An intrinsic reward would be feeling like you look better and are more self confident because of your weight loss.