The Golden Age of Ancient Greece

By: Nayisha Bivens

Greece's Golden Age

Greece's Golden Age was an extended time of peace and prosperity. During this Golden Age, Greeks invented new things, and made great strides in the fields of technology and philosophy. They studied medicine, mathematics, literature, and science. Many accomplishments from this period of time affect our world today.


During the Golden Age of Ancient Greece, Greeks achieved many things. One of these things was medicine. In early times, Greeks believed that sickness was caused by angry gods. As time passed, Greeks discovered that environmental issues, gender, and many other factors had an effect on illness. Hippocrates and his students developed the Hippocratic Oath, which is still in use today. Greeks also studied mathematics. Though, Greek mathematicians were spread all over the Mediterranean from Italy to North Africa, they were united by culture and language. They contributed to the number theory, mathematical analysis, applied mathematics, and even calculus. Ancient Greeks also founded democracy. Many Greek city-states had forms of government based on democracy. The most known and significant example is Athenian democracy. However, city states such as Syracuse, Corinth, and several others also had democratic governments.