Electronic Cigarettes

The man considers Electronic Cigarettes as better Option!!

Few days back, while riding my bike I met with an accident. Well, the accident was not major; I just had a minor fracture on my right leg. So, I had to rush to the doctor with a friend of mine. The hospital was a renowned one and there were many patients waiting for the doctors. I also joined them. While waiting, I noticed an old man coughing severely. Another person, I guess his relative was rebuking him. I could hear some of the lines said by him. He said “I told you to stop smoking but you didn’t pay any attention”. To it, he further added “At least the best electronic cigarettes are better as it does not produce smoke. You would not have got exposed to smoke.” From their discussions, I could roughly get an idea that the other person was not happy with the old man’s smoking habit and suggested him to use e cigarettes.

But I don’t know how to decide whether electronic cigarettes are better or not. Some sources reveal these smokeless devices to encourage higher consumption of nicotine, which can be poisonous in large doses while others prove to be perfectly safe. In addition, I have noticed that this is not the only objection that has been raised against e cigarettes but there are many more. Youngsters have been banned using these devices in many states. But in spite of so many regulations, advertisements have made them more popular I guess. There are so many new companies coming up in the market and from electronic cigarette reviews, it is predicted that they are soon going to rule the industry.

Well these thoughts have made me anxious to buy electronic cigarettes. I was just imagining and the ward boy interrupted my thoughts and called me to meet the doctor. I realized that I was waiting for the doctor to call me. My friend took me inside and I was shifted to another room. Some of the doctors plastered my right leg and told me to stay with that plaster for at least fifteen days.