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May 5, 2015

Jean Day for Kendall Dalke

Wednesday, May 6 is an All-System Jean Day. Students and staff may earn the jean day privilege with a donation to Kendall Dalke, daughter of Mike and Amy (Schauer, Aquin class of 1995) Dalke. Kendall is a spunky little 2 year old. Her favorite things include bubbles, swinging, music, avocados, 'Signing Time' videos, and her big sister, Brooklynn. The donation amount is $3 at the high school campus or $1 at St. Joe's campus. Of course, larger donations will be accepted.

Kendall was born May 25th, 2012 unexpectedly with Down Syndrome. Children born with Down Syndrome are commonly born with congenital heart disease, among other things. Kendall passed her echo-cardiogram at birth and was given the all clear. However, 2 and a half years later while on her first vacation to Florida, she was admitted to a Children's Hospital for respiratory distress. It was there that doctors discovered her ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) or a hole in her heart (specifically, a hole in the atrial septum, or muscle wall, that separates the upper right and left chambers of the heart). These heart defects can cause heart failure if not repaired. Kendall has her first surgery scheduled in May to repair her heart and get her strong and healthy. Please put Kendall and her family in your prayers.

Your financial and spiritual support are greatly appreciated.

Good Luck at Voices Awards Night!

The annual 'Voices Awards' night will be held tomorrow, May 6 at 7:00pm at the Masonic Temple. Awards are given to local high school theater programs and talents and it is an entertaining evening filled with performances. Be sure to attend--there aren't any Aquin Baseball or Softball games to deter you!

From the Village Voices . . .

"The 'Voices Awards' were originally created by Dan Stevens and have given out more than $18,000 in scholarship money and donations to area schools and award winners over the last 8 years. Secret judges, well versed in the Theater Arts, attend area high school productions and then meet to pick the four strongest performances in each of 8 different categories . . . several other individual and school awards (will be awarded that night). School Awards include: Best Set Design, Best Lighting Design, Best Choreography, Best Special Effect, Best Costumes, and Best Use of Make Up. All of the School Awards include a cash donation from area businesses, which is presented to the winning school's Theater Program.

In order to be eligible to receive a school award, each school performs one number--or short montage--from their musical production earlier in the year. The final award of the night is the traveling trophy that is given to the school whose performance that night is picked as the judges' favorite." Aquin will present a medley of 'George M!' on stage for their performance.

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Were you a recipient on May Day?

If so, please post your thoughts on our Facebook page or on our website blog.

Would you consider helping with Interact's Random Act of Kindness group's next project?

  1. Yard Signs: We have 40 signs expressing positive thoughts to spread throughout the community. If you would like to display one in your yard, please contact
  2. Kindness Cards: These cards have positive thoughts on them and can be handed out to anyone you choose, or be available at your place of business or work. If you would like to be a distributor of these cards, please contact

Kindness is contagious. Pass it on!

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Cookie Dough Update!

We are happy to report that we made $7700 on our Cookie Dough Fundraiser!

While our goal was $10,000, we are still very happy and very grateful for all sales and participation.

Possible Delivery Date Change

Orders were due on Friday, April 24. But, as orders were received in our offices until late Wednesday, April 29, we were not able to finalize our order until that date. The final order then had to be mailed to the company and they received it on Friday, May 1. This delay may delay the order delivery. As soon as we hear when the order will be delivered, we will let you know.

On delivery day, we will need everyone to pick up their order promptly--especially if it's warm that day. Aquin does not have a place to properly store the boxes for an extended period of time. So please stay tuned for the delivery date information. We will release it as soon as it is available!

Baseball and Softball Updates (weather permitting, of course!)

  • Today: Varsity Baseball and Softball at AFC (Ashton for both) . Fresh-Soph Baseball v. AFC (Krape) . all games at 4:30 (Any changes to today's games will be announced asap. All games are still on as of this time.)
  • Thursday (5.7): Senior Night Softball v. AFC . 4:00, Varsity Baseball v. AFC (HCC) . 4:30, Fresh-Soph Baseball at AFC (Ashton) . 4:30
  • Monday (5.11): Varsity Baseball at Orangeville . 4:30, Softball v. Galena . 4:00 (both are make-up games)
  • Tuesday (5.12): Varsity Baseball at Pec-Du (Pecatonica) . 4:30, Fresh-Soph Baseball v. Pec-Du (HCC) . 4:30
  • Thursday (5.14): Senior Night Baseball v. Pec-Du (HCC) . 4:30, Fresh-Soph Baseball at Pec-Du (Pecatonica) . 4:30
  • Post-Season Schedules: will be available late Wednesday and we'll post them asap!

For complete schedules with game results, click here!

Golf Meeting for 2015-16

Coach Pospischil will have a Golf meeting on Wednesday, May 13th at 3:00 in Room D at the High School. This is a short meeting for anyone interested in playing High School Golf in 2015-16. If you have any questions, or are interested but can't attend the meeting, please contact Coach Pospischil at

Summer is on its way!

And that means summer sports camps, Greendawg Market, summer league, and so much more. We'll post and share all of the details of these Aquin programs as soon as we have them lined up!

May is the Month of Mary.

Mary in 2 Minutes