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Napoleon's rise to Emperor of France

Napoleon's Life

Tuesday, Aug 15th 1769 at 12pm to Saturday, May 5th 1821 at 12pm

Ajaccio, France

Napoleon Bonaparte's life from when he was born to when he met his untimely end at a tender age.

Who's Who in the Napoleonic era

Napoleon Bonaparte- Napoleon ruled France from November 11, 1799 to April 11, 1814. On April 11, 1814 Napoleon had abandoned the throne and was exiled. He tried to conquer all of Europe during his reign as emperor. On March 20 1815, Napoleon returned from his exile to retake control of France. He ruled for 100 more days until he was defeated at Waterloo on June 18, 1815.

Arthur Wellesley-The Duke of Wellington, Wellesley defeated Napoleon for the final time at Waterloo.

Pope Pius VII-The Pope who had praised Napoleon who crowned himself Emperor

Nelson- The British Naval man who destroyed many of Napoleon's ships in 1798-1799.

Important Events in Napoleon's Life

  • 1779-Napoleon joins the military academy in Brienne
  • 1785-Became second lieutenant in the French Army
  • October 5 1795-Napoleon stopped a rebellion in Paris
  • March to May 1796- Napoleon invades and seizes Italy

  • 1797-Austrians were forced to sign a ceasefire at Leoben
  • November 11, 1799-Seized control of France in the Coup de Brumaire
  • December 2, 1804-Napoleon crowned himself Emperor in the presence of Pope Pius VII
  • October 1805- French Navy is defeated at Trafalgar off the coast of Spain by British Navy
  • June 1812- December 16, 1812- Napoleon's disasterous campaign in Russia
  • 1814-9000 pupils were attending lycees
  • April 6, 1814-Napoleon is exiled to Elba

  • March 1, 1815-Returns from his exile
  • June 15, 1815-Defeated by Arthur Wellesley at Waterloo
  • June 22, 1815-Napoleon abdicates for the second time and is exiled to St. Helena

Napoleonic Vocabulary

  1. Lycees-Schools run on military lines
  2. Coup-a takeover of power
  3. Emperor-one ruling an empire
  4. First Consul-Title given to Napoleon after his seize of power
  5. Royalist-A supporter of the king

A Brief History of Napoleon

The Napoleonic Era was caused mostly by one man-Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon tried to take control of France, and then all of Europe. In France, his reforms, such as improved education and more rights for the lower classes. He reached a peace with the Catholic Church, and decreased the powers of the nobles and the wealthy. He almost seized control of all of Europe, and was only stopped by a massive alliance of European countries. Napoleon was one of the strongest men of his time, until his defeat at Waterloo.